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How to cook childish pumpkin soup/ pumpkin soup for children

First of all make vegetable broth. Pour water into the boiler, after boiling put in it onion and carrot. After boiling add bay leaf, sprinkle with salt. Add seed pepper. Squeeze the broth. Open the broth with half liter of water and again put on the fire. Cut pumpkin put into the boiling broth. Cut the onion and again put into broth. Crush the garlic into the soup. After boiling lower the fire and cook until pumpkin is soft. Take out off the water boiled vegetables make puree with blender. Add nutmeg in the puree add salt. Put on the dish, with the help of thin jet add cream. Serve on with hot crackers.

You need the following ingredients for cooking childish pumpkin soup/ pumpkin soup for children

vegetable broth vegetable broth 500 ml

pumpkin pumpkin 750 gram

onion onion 2 glux

garlic garlic 2 pchex

nutmeg nutmeg 1 teyi_gdal

cream cream 3 surchi_bajak

laurel laurel

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 71 kcal

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