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How to cook chicken stuffed with banana

Slash garlic into large pieces. Pestle coriander and onion. Mix onion , garlic , orange juice, lemon juice, sugar, cumin, oregano, lemon, pepper and coriander with mixer. Add vegetable oil and mix until there will be a homogenous mass. Divide marinade into two equal parts and mainade each chicken in the half of the mixture. Leave it for a few hours. Heat the stove under 1750 C. Put oil paper on the pan. Cut the edges of banana and fry for 15-20 minutes until the skin darkens. Take off the stove and freeze, clean, cut and put on the pan. Mash garlic. Mix into a deep pot vegetable oil, brown sugar, garlic, rum. Add 3 tea spoon from this mixture on the banana. Mash bananas and make a puree. Turn on the stove under 2000C Remove the chicken from marinade and dry. From the inner part scrape salt pepper, and the mixture with rum. Put the banana puree into the chicken belly and tight chicken legs. Scrape on the chicken the mixture with rum, in a 45 minutes put it onto the stove for an hour and time to time sprinkle on it the juices from run. If chicken begins to blacken very soon it should be covered by foil. After cooking leave it for 10 minutes and serve on.

You need the following ingredients for cooking chicken stuffed with banana

garlic garlic 6 pchex

onion onion 2 glux

orange juice orange juice 1 teyi_bajak

lemon juice lemon juice 0.5 teyi_bajak

sugar sugar 2 teyi_gdal

ground cumin ground cumin 0.5 teyi_gdal

oregano oregano 1 teyi_gdal

black pepper black pepper 1 teyi_gdal

salt salt 2 teyi_gdal

cilantro cilantro

oil oil 1 surchi_bajak

chicken chicken 2 pieces

banana banana 3 pieces

oil oil 1 chashi_gdal

brown sugar brown sugar 0.5 teyi_gdal

garlic garlic 3 pchex

rum rum 0.5 surchi_bajak

total cost of a prescription is 14Dollar
` calorie 571 kcal

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