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How to cook fruit diet cake

Mix the egg until it foams. Sprinkle flour, add on the egg and mix it well. Blend banana or cut in into a small pieces and put into the dough. Cover the pan with paper and put the dough. Put into the stove under 1800C for 30 minutes. While it bakes, wash the fruits and cut in a circular way. When the biscuit is ready, take off the stove and leave it to cool. Carefully take off the stove and cut into 2 parts. Pour water on one of the gelatin box, and leave it to freeze. On the bottom layer of the biscuit pour the wine and jelly. Cover it with the fruit circles, put the second layer of the dough. Pour the wine and jelly on the upper layer as well. Again put the cake on the pan, put on it the rest of the fruit layers. Open with worm water the rest of the jelly and pour on the cake. Put the cake on the refregerator and leave there for the whole night.

You need the following ingredients for cooking fruit diet cake

flour flour 1 teyi_bajak

sugar sugar 200 gram

egg egg 4 pieces

banana banana 1 pieces

sodasoda sodasoda


gelatin gelatin 250 gram

kiwi kiwi 2 pieces

banana banana 2 pieces

orange orange 1 pieces

red wine red wine 100 gram

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 486 kcal

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