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How to cook eggplant caviar

Wash and remove eggplant skin, cut by the length and fry in oil. After frying put it into the strainer in order to make the oil come out of it. Divide green pepper into two parts and fry in the oil. Again place into the strainer. After freezing clean the skin on the pepper. Mince pepper and eggplant and mince with meat chopper and fill in a container. Divide red pepper into 2 parts remove the skin, clean the seeds and mince with chopper, put into a separate container. Clean onion, mince with chopper and put into a separate container as well. Pour one bottle oil into a big pot, put on the fire to become hot then add onion and fry. When the onion has golden color add red pepper, mix and leave on the fire as long as until pepper is almost ready. Then add chopped green pepper and eggplant mix well and leave it on the lowered fire. It is necessary to mix all the time so as not allow it to snuggle on the ground of the boiler. After cooking for 40 minutes add tomato paste and continue to cook. Cook on the lowered fire for 3-4 hours, at the end add crushed parsley and salt. Cook one more hour until there is a homogeneous mass. When caviar is ready put it into jars and boil the jars, then close the jars. All this is done in order to be safe.

You need the following ingredients for cooking eggplant caviar

eggplant eggplant 1.5 kg

green pepper green pepper 1 kg

red pepper red pepper 1 kg

oil oil 0.5 liters

onion onion 0.5 kg

tomato paste tomato paste 5 chashi_gdal

parsley parsley 1 punj

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 188 kcal

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