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How to cook stuffed mushroom with vine

Remove legs of middle size agarkions, add salt into the head part, remove on the napkin and leave the liquid part to come out. Cut legs into small pieces, also cut garlic into small pieces. Heat olive oil, fry garlic for half a minute, add small cut mushroom legs, fry until it is ready, spice it, take off the fire and cool it. Grate cheese into the pot, break an egg on it, spice with dry greens, pepper, rusk and add 2 table spoon white vine, add legs and mix it. Put this stuff into the mushroom head art, place on the oiled stove pan, sprinkle white vine and cook into the stove under 2000 temperature for 30-35 minutes. It may be served both in hot and cold condition.

You need the following ingredients for cooking stuffed mushroom with vine

mushrooms mushrooms 500 gram

garlic garlic 2 pchex

egg egg 1 pieces

oil oil 2 chashi_gdal

cracker cracker 1 chashi_gdal

white wine white wine 0,5 teyi_bajak

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

basil basil

tarragon tarragon

citron citron

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 122 kcal

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