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How to cook chicken galantin

Remove the chicken leg bone, mince the meat times or mix with egg protein, salt and pepper. Make an opening form the back of chicken and remove the bones. You may make broth from the bones for soup. Put chicken meat on the membrane layer towards down, remove the meat form the thick parts to the places where there is little meat, add salt and pepper, sprinkle basturma cut into meat sticks, put on it the filling so as the meat edges would push up and there should be opening with 1,5sm. Put in the middle of this dry fruits. Whip a roll with the help of food membrane, tight with the help of thread from one side, on the other side put garlic pieces then tight. Boil water into the pot, put the package into it and cook for 35 minutes, take off the water and leave it to cool, make cuts from the package edges so as let the liquid part to flow, put on the desk and put on it desk or something heavy, then put into the fridge for 2 hours to become solid, remove the food membrane, cut and serve on.

You need the following ingredients for cooking chicken galantin

chicken chicken 1 pieces

Chicken Leg Chicken Leg 2 pieces

prune prune 60 gram

basturma basturma 60 gram

garlic garlic 1 pchex

protein protein 2 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 8Dollar
` calorie 487 kcal

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