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How to cook kalkuksu chicken soup with noodles

Put into the pot 2 liters of cold water, put on the fire add chicken breast, onion cut into 2 parts, the whope pieces of the garlic an cook for 1 hour. Sift the flour into the pot, add starch, 1 table spoon salt, 2 table spoon vegetable oil, 200ml water and knead the dough, put into the food membrane and leave it to rest. Cut squash in an askew way into ovals, then cut small sticks with the size of match sticks, put into the pot, add salt, leave the juice come out. Cut the dough, make a ball, open in a thin way very with the shape of rectangle form so as there be a ribbon with the width of 8 sm, cut a thin ribbon with the help of knife with 2-3 sm of width, shake them, so as ribbons open, sprinkle a little flour on it mix it so as prevent them to touch each other. Take off the pot the chicken breast, put on the desk, put onion into one plate and put the garlic pieces into the mortar. Add 1 table spoon salt and 2 table spoon soy sauce on the garlic pieces, add black pepper and mash it. Cut into pieces the chicken breast, add on it garlic sauce and mix. Add 1 table spoon salt, 1 table spoon soy sauce on the broth, put into it the cut noodles and cook until it is ready. Put olive oil into the pan and put on the fire. Squeeze quash juice, fry the slices for 2 minutes then cover with lid, and stew for 3-4 minutes. Put the noodles on the serving plate, add a little broth, spread on it the chicken meat, squash, spice it with black pepper and serve on. Try to eat it with sticks.

You need the following ingredients for cooking kalkuksu chicken soup with noodles

flour flour 500 gram

chicken chicken 500 gram

kobachok kobachok 2 pieces

starch starch 70 gram

oil oil

onion onion 1 glux

garlic garlic 8 pchex

soy sauce soy sauce 3 chashi_gdal

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 210 kcal

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