How to cook pancakes with green onion

Cut beforehand boiled egg into small pieces, add small cut green onion, add salt, mash them together, add 2 table spoon sour cream, soda, add vinegar, break 1 egg, mix it, little by little add flour until there appears a dough with usual viscosity. Heat olive oil into the pan, put the dough into the pan with spoon, fry pancakes from one side, then remove and fry from the other side as well, remove on the napkin. Serve on with sour cream.

You need the following ingredients for cooking pancakes with green onion

green onion green onion 1 bouquet

egg egg 4 pieces

salt salt 0.5 teaspoon

sugar sugar 1 tablespoon

sodasoda sodasoda 2 pinch

vinegar vinegar 0.5 tablespoon

flour flour

oil oil

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 394 kcal