How to cook apricot jam

Divide apricots with sharp knife and take off the stones. Put the pieces of apricots into the water immediately so as not to let them darken. Add 1 table spoon lemon acid into 1 liter of water. Apricot jam may be made by two ways. For this purpose cook the half of washed, divided apricots and ¼ of sugar, cook for 10-15 minutes, add little water. Cook until fruits are soften, the add the rest of the sugar and apricots and cook a little more until the will be a gelatin mass. In order to make it smell tasty put a few cleaned apricot stones in it. Stones shoul be sweet.

You need the following ingredients for cooking apricot jam

water water

Limonov acid Limonov acid

apricot apricot

sugar sugar

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