How to cook salad with ginger and carrot

Pour hot water on the strainer and put aside. Peel the ginger, grate with small hole scraper, grate the orange with the same size and lemon cover, squeeze the juice, add honey, sour cream, add salt, mix it and put aside. Grate carrot with big hole scraper, add water free raisins, sauce, mix it add on the serving plate, sprinkle cut nuts on it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking salad with ginger and carrot

raisin raisin 70 gram

carrot carrot 200 gram

salt salt

honey honey 1 teaspoon

walnut walnut 25 gram

ginger ginger

lemon lemon 0.5 pieces

orange orange 0.5 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 17 kcal